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The World’s Biggest Slacker? October 9, 2009

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To be the wolds greatest slacker – what an achievement. To well and truly have zero career direction, no motivation and no fucking idea what the world has in store for me. To be frank, i don’t really give a shit as long as whatever comes along doesn’t make my life difficult.

I believe that i am one of the world’s greatest slackers – i can spend days on end hanging out, watching movies, reading, listening to music, smoking weed and basically achieving nothing. I have zero qualms about this. It doesn’t make me feel guilty or worthless – it just means that the majority of the time i am very, very relaxed. Don’t get me wrong, i have a job and i pay my bills on time. I am more than happy to venture out for a concert / movie/ party or for a few libations with friends but if there is no pressing task to be dealing with – i am more than happy to sit on my ass and watch episode after episode of American T.V until i have watched whole series’ in a matter of days. In my opinion – that in itself is an achievement to be proud of. You have heard of being ‘well-read’ well, i am ‘well watched’ – i have viewed and enjoyed numerous series of various T.V shows and can now safely say that i have an extensive knowledge of all things medical, legal and criminal -i’m pretty much convinced that my televisual gluttony means that if a situation were to occur where i needed to combat terrorists who were threatening to blow up the world, release a deadly virus or assassinate the President of the United States – due to my slightly unhealthy obsession with Jack Bauer – i would be able to prevent these occurences with ease. I’ve got that counter terrorist shit in the bag! If on the other hand i had to prepare a witty, smart, inspirational closing speech for a legal case this wouldn’t be helped along by the fact that i have a Law degree it would be due to the hours of legal dramas that i have digested.

Surely this means that the hours and hours that i have spent watching these programmes can only be a benefit to myself and others! For now, i don’t think that this is anything to be ashamed of – i am perfectly happy straight up chilling with my housemates – i’m just making the most of having zero responsibility and not requiring anything to occupy my time. I am sure that in years to come when i have spawn and i am rushing around after them i will look back on these times in my mid-20’s with fond memories. I mean, if you cant relax at my age when you only have yourself to worry about then when can you? For now – i’m not going to sweat about being ‘lazy’ i’m just going to make it my ‘hobby’ and then its justified!